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QParents is coming to ELSS!

​QParents has been created by the Department of Education to provide parents of Queensland state school students with secure online access to their child's information.
The portal allows you to securely access information about your child and to communicate directly with your child's school.
Watch the video or read the information below to learn more about QParents.

Features of QParents

QParents provides secure, online access to student information such as:
  • Attendance details
  • Behaviour
  • Report cards and assessment
  • Timetables
  • Invoices
  • Payment history
  • Upcoming events
  • Student photo
You are also able to update your child's details including address and medical conditions, submit reasons for unexplained absences, notify the school of future absences, and make online payments against school invoices.

When will QParents be available?

QParents is currently available for all schools across Queensland to use if they wish. The QParents program is an opt-in program, where schools express their interest and sign up on a voluntary basis. If you are interested in using QParents at your school, please let us know via the Feedback form (see How will I get access?) and we will talk to your school about how they can join QParents.

How will I get access?

You will only be able to register a QParents account if your child's school signs up to QParents. Once the school has launched the QParents program, parents or caregivers will then be nominated by the school as QParents Account Owners (QPAOs) for access to student information. The nominated Account Owners will then need to register with QParents to access this information.
If QParents is not yet available at your school, you can express your interest in using it through the Feedback form available on all screens in QParents. Choose "Expression of Interest" from the Category drop-down list and be sure to state the full name of your school in the information you submit. We will pass this on to your school.

Registering with QParents

You can register for QParents only after you have received an invitation email or letter from your child's school, containing your unique invitation code.
You can register only by using a PC with the web version of QParents, not through the QParents app. Once successfully registered, you may then use the QParents App to login and manage your account. You will need to supply an email address (that you check regularly) in order to create a QParents account.

Which devices can I use to access QParents?

You can access QParents through a:

What personal information is stored about me?

The following details are stored to enable the management of your account:
  • your full name
  • your password
  • the student number you are associated with
  • your email address and (if provided) mobile phone number
  • basic details of any Delegated Viewers you have invited
  • the types of documents you provided during registration (but not the actual details on the documents)
  • details of any pending payments you have made (but not credit card details)

Where is my personal information stored?

The Department of Education has contracted Microsoft to host the QParents application. Your personal information is stored in Microsoft's secure data centre in Australia. See the Microsoft Azure Trust Centre for further details. Be assured that all personal information is protected using the latest encryption techniques, rendering this information unreadable to unauthorised people while housed in the Azure platform.

What if I don't have the internet?

If you do not have any access to the internet you will not be able to access QParents. However, you can still access your child's student records through the traditional methods, or by contacting your school.
If you have a mobile phone or device that can connect to the internet, such as through your data service or use of Wi-Fi, you will be able to use the QParents app once registered. If you don’t have a computer at home, you may wish to complete initial registration using a PC at your school or public library, and continue using the app once you are registered.

Who looks after the student information presented in QParents?

The Department of Education is the custodian of all state school student information. The student data displayed in the QParents application is information which the school already collects and records in the school IT system, which is hosted in a secure Queensland Government facility.

Who will be able to access my child's information?

The school will identify parents or caregivers as QParents Account Owners (QPAOs) and send them a unique invitation code to register with QParents, along with details on how to register.
The parent must be someone attached to that student in the school system in order to be nominated and add the student to their account.
Once registered, the QPAO will have access to the student's information and can also delegate access to another parent or carer.

What happens if I don't want my child's information in QParents?

An invitation will be sent to you from your school to register a QParents account, allowing you to then view and manage a student's information. If you choose not to register an account, your child's information will not be accessible in QParents.

Why would I add a Delegated Viewer?

In the same way that parents currently share a range of their student's information within the family (for example, mum, dad, grandma, carer), QParents will allow such information sharing in an online manner on request of the QParents Account Owner.

What can a Delegated Viewer see?

A QParents Account Owner (QPAO) can invite another person to view a student's information in QParents. For each invited Delegated Viewer for a student, the QPAO will be required to nominate which information sets will be viewable by that person. These data sets can be changed at any time by the QPAO, including removing all view access at any time.
Note: A Delegated Viewer will only have view access and will not be able to update any student information in QParents.

Do school staff have access to my QParents account?

School staff do not have access to your QParents account. They do, however, currently manage the information that is released to your QParents account from the school IT system.

How up-to-date is the information that is presented in QParents?

QParents will present all relevant student information that is recorded in the school IT system. This means that as soon as a record is added or updated by school processes, it will be available to QParents.


QParents is a secure website that utilises a range of security measures to ensure that the integrity of the student data is maintained. Measures include strong data encryption by a third party assurance provider of up to 256 bit encryption when information is in transit between QParents and either the end user's web browser or mobile application. In addition, any data in transit between the QParents cloud solution and the DET data warehouse will be encrypted to the same level.
QParents confirms the identity of a QParents Account Owner (QPAO) before their account is approved. Users are required to verify 100 points of identification documents online during registration or, alternatively, to verify as much ID as they can online and then present further documentation in person at their child's school. The information that is available for a QPAO to view is determined by the student's school. The information that is available for a QParents Delegated Viewer to view is determined by the QPAO.
Users of QParents may be prompted, by e-mail or SMS, to input a security code from time to time to verify their identity before access is granted. This might happen if unusual behaviour is noticed - for example, if a user logs in from a different location or on a different device from normal.